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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 18-July-2014, Vol 127 No 1398

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A summary of the original articles featured in this issue


Influenza: optimising control strategies for New Zealand

Lance C Jennings

Original Articles

Lack of effect of seasonal trivalent influenza vaccine against influenza A(H3N2) infections in hospitalised patients in winter 2012

Jeremy Buchanan, Catherine Buckley, Lance C Jennings, Lutz Beckert

Evaluation of the Canterbury under-18 seasonal influenza vaccination programme

Kristi Calder, Susan Bidwell, Cheryl Brunton, Ramon Pink

New Zealanders' self-reported uptake and attitudes towards the influenza vaccine in 2012

Hayley Guiney, Darren Walton

Coroners’ recommendations about healthcare-related deaths as a potential tool for improving patient safety and quality of care

Jennifer Moore

The impact of major earthquakes on the psychological functioning of medical students: a Christchurch, New Zealand study

Frances A Carter, Caroline J Bell, Anthony N Ali, Janice McKenzie, Timothy J Wilkinson

Can a paediatric department provide health care for vulnerable adolescents?

Genevieve Rayner, Kendall Crossen

In vitro comparison of four rapid antigen tests for group A streptococcus detection

Arlo Upton, Cathy Lowe, Joanna Stewart, Susan Taylor, Diana Lennon

The current state of ototoxicity monitoring in New Zealand

Lotte Steffens, Kinau Venter, Greg A O’Beirne, Rebecca Kelly-Campbell, David Gibbs, Philip Bird

Are hearing losses among young Māori different to those found in the young NZ European population?

Janet E Digby, Suzanne C Purdy, Andrea S Kelly, David Welch, Peter R Thorne


The potentials and challenges of electronic referrals in transforming healthcare

Yulong Gu, Jim Warren, Martin Orr


Childhood obesity in New Zealand: time to look at stronger measures?

Michael J Hamlin, Lee Stoner

Smokefree 2025: patterns and trends in references to the smokefree goal in political speeches and press releases

Richard Edwards, Janet Hoek, George Thomson

Dangers of “EDTA”

John S Fountain, David M Reith

Pharmacy-based screening for atrial fibrillation in high-risk Māori and Pacific populations

Natalie Walker, Rob Doughty, Varsha Parag, Jeff Harrison, Marie Bennett, Ben Freedman

Should New Zealand do more to help other Pacific nations become smokefree by 2025? The case of Tokelau as a potential example

Ashton Kelly, Silivia Tavite, George Thomson, Nick Wilson

An Auckland-based student acupuncture clinic patient profile and utilisation study

Asmita Patel, Clive Standen

Working mothers are disadvantaged by limited funding for health research

Anitra Carr, Juliet Pullar, Louisa Forbes, Patrice Rosengrave

Missed melanomas – comment

Amanda Oakley, Marius Rademaker, Mark Elwood

100 Years Ago in the NZMJ

Dominion Notes: Auckland Mental Hospital


Proceedings of the 223rd Scientific Meeting of the Otago Medical School Research Society, Wednesday 9 July 2014


Selected excerpts from Methuselah


John Hamlyn Stewart

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