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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 11-April-2014, Vol 127 No 1392

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This Issue in the Journal

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A summary of the original articles featured in this issue


The sugar debate and nutrition: obesity and ‘empty calories’

Anne-Thea McGill

Advice to reduce total and saturated fat, revisited

Lisa Te Morenga, Rachael McLean, Murray Skeaff, Jim Mann

Original Articles

Weight and height measurement: potential impact in obstetric care

Emma Jeffs, Benjamin Sharp, Joanna Gullam, Helen Paterson

Management of excess weight in pregnancy in Otago: a qualitative study with lead maternity carers

Diana Fieldwick, Helen Paterson, Melanie Stephen, Angus Cameron, Richard Egan, Sarah McFadden, Justus Pienaar, Celine Sinclair, Toby Struthers, Kirsten Taplin, Clara Watson

Duodenal switch— the initial experience in New Zealand

Martyn L Humphreys, Steven J Robinson, Caryne McKeand, Hisham Hammodat

Timely cholecystectomy for acute gallstone disease: an ongoing challenge in a New Zealand provincial centre

Melissa J Welch, Andrew R Moot

When medical reports become expert medical evidence: judgments of the Court

Koenraad Kuiper

Measurement of kidney cadmium in embalmed New Zealand cadavers

Ian C Shaw, Emma Spencer, Tessa Lambert, Meike Holzenkaempfer, Sally Gaw, Mark Stringer

Are the amounts of vitamins in commercially available dietary supplement formulations relevant for the management of psychiatric disorders in children?

Julia J Rucklidge, Amy Harris, Ian C Shaw

Medically facilitated discharge of adult diabetic ketoacidosis admissions: precipitants and average length of stay

King W Yong, M Peter Moore, Helen Lunt

Clinical Correspondence

Hepatic complications in poorly controlled type 1 diabetes mellitus: a case report

Johanna Martin, Paul Tomlinson


FIZZ Sugary Drink Free Pacific by 2030—Symposium Declaration

Gerhard Sundborn, Simon Thornley, Lisa Te Morenga, Tony Merriman

Healthiness of popular fast food items in New Zealand: plenty of room for improvement

Wilma E Waterlander, Helen Eyles, Lauren Whitworth

Employment, poverty and health: ideology or science?

Keith Henderson

Diagnostic testing of blood donor specimens

David Spriggs

Public attitudes to new smokefree outdoor places policies in New Zealand: an analysis of 217 online comments

Jane Oliver, George Thomson, Nick Wilson

100 Years Ago in the NZMJ

Government Insurance Bill

Consensus Statements

Emergency and stroke physician combined consensus statement on thrombolysis for acute stroke

Annemarei Ranta, John Bonning, John Fink, Dominic Fleischer, John Gommans, Peter Jones, P Alan Barber, Michael Ardagh


Proceedings of the 221st Scientific Meeting of the Otago Medical School Research Society, Wednesday 26 March 2014


Selected excerpts from Methuselah


Ian Douglas Ronayne

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