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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 18-June-2004, Vol 117 No 1196

The Benevolent Fund
This extract is taken from the Presidential Address published in the New Zealand Medical Journal 1904 Vol 3 (11), p238.
I wish to draw the attention of the profession to the Benevolent Fund. The Benevolent Fund contains only seventy-one members, and has now to its credit a little over ₤700. No use can be made of this capital until ₤1,000 has been subscribed, when the interest of that amount will always be available for any deserving case. I would urge members to subscribe to this fund, and I would remind those who wish to do so that a donation of ₤10 would make them life-members. The committee of the fund, without touching the capital, have already made several grants in specially urgent cases.
I also wish to draw your attention to the Medical Defence Union, which only numbers about a hundred members. The subscription to this is very small, only 5s for members of the New Zealand Branch, and it is hoped that a large number of members will join this year.
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