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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 24-September-2004, Vol 117 No 1202

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This Issue in the Journal

A summary of the original articles featured in this issue of the NZMJ

PDF of the full contents of this issue of the NZMJ


Assessment prior to institutional care: time to move past the Support Needs Assessment Form (SNAF)

John Campbell

Responding to partner abuse: understanding its consequences, and recognising the global and historical context

Janet Fanslow

Original Articles

Risk factors for entry into residential care after a support-needs assessment

Mark Weatherall, Timothy Slow, Kimmo Wiltshire

Circumstances and consequences of falls in residential care: the New Zealand story

Meg Butler, Ngaire Kerse, Maree Todd

Diurnal, weekly, and seasonal variations in stroke occurrence in a population-based study in Auckland, New Zealand

Neil Anderson, Valery Feigin, Derrick Bennett, Joanna Broad, Megan Pledger, Craig Anderson, Ruth Bonita

General Practice care of enduring mental health problems: an evaluation of the Wellington Mental Health Liaison Service

Helen Rodenburg, Valerie Bos, Cathy O’Malley, Peter McGeorge, Tom Love, Anthony Dowell

Under-reporting of energy intake in the 1997 National Nutrition Survey

Catherine Pikholz, Boyd Swinburn, Patricia Metcalf

Doctors, elder abuse, and enduring powers of attorney

Frances Matthews

Case Report

Erysipelothrix rhusopathiae causing infective endocarditis in a female patient requiring valve replacement

Biju Paul, Wazir Baig


Recognising and responding to partner abuse: challenging the key facts

Felicity Goodyear-Smith

100 Years Ago in the NZMJ

Labour obstructed by hydrocephalus


Proceedings of the 172nd Scientific Meeting of the Otago Medical School Research Society, Thursday 20 May 2004

Proceedings of the 174th Scientific Meeting of the Otago Medical School Research Society, Thursday 23 September 2004

Medical Image

Chilaiditi’s Syndrome

Nikhil Kulkarni, Guneesh Dadayal, Sashidhar Yeluri, Amit Kapoor, Ashish Gupta


Selected excerpts from Methuselah


Looking back at the 1987 Cervical Cancer Inquiry - and Response

Lynda Williams, Barbara Heslop

Operative rates for acute intussusception in New Zealand

Ellen Chen, Keith Grimwood, Spencer Beasley

Do you remember the introduction of ‘The Pill’?

Nancy de Castro


The Lloyd Morgan Lions Clubs Charitable Trust Fellowship Award

The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand: Grants Awarded July 2004

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians: Written Examination 2005

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