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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 25-February-2005, Vol 118 No 1210

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This Issue in the Journal

A summary of the original articles featured in this issue

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Good news for patients with colorectal cancer?

Ian Bissett

Original Articles

Colorectal cancer treated at Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand: a comparison of 1993 and 1998 cohorts

Bridget Robinson, Frank Frizelle, Michelle Dickson, Chris Frampton

Excess cost associated with Staphylococcus aureus poststernotomy mediastinitis

Arlo Upton, Pat Smith, Sally Roberts

Effect of volcanic gas exposure on urine, blood, and serum chemistry

Michael Durand, Chris Florkowski, Peter George, Trevor Walmsley, Phil Weinstein

Measurement of thiopurine methyl transferase activity guides dose-initiation and prevents toxicity from azathioprine

Christiaan Sies, Christopher Florkowski, Peter George, Richard Gearry, Murray Barclay, James Harraway, Linda Pike, Trevor Walmsley

Recurrent myoglobinuria due to carnitine palmitoyltransferase II deficiency: clinical, biochemical, and genetic features of adult-onset cases

Dean Kilfoyle, David Hutchinson, Howard Potter, Peter George

Getting started as a hepatobiliary surgeon: lessons learned from the first 100 hepatectomies as a consultant

Jonathan Koea

Elevation of serum liver enzymes after laparoscopic cholecystectomy

George Sakorafas, George Anagnostopoulos, Vania Stafyla, Theofilos Koletis, Nikolaos Kotsifopoulos, Stavros Tsiakos, George Kassaras

Case Reports

Suture material as a nidus for common bile duct stones: taking a closer look

Paul Fortun, George Anagnostopoulos, Bernard Laurence

Metastatic colorectal carcinoma: clinicopathological downstaging following neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Simon Janes


Informing consent in New Zealand research: researchers’ conflict of interest and patient vulnerability

Martin Tolich, Kate Mary Baldwin

100 Years Ago in the NZMJ

The scope and limitations of balneological treatment: diabetes, chronic Bright’s disease, renal calculus, dyspepsia, obesity, and cachexia

Medical History

An early description of cancer-to-cancer metastasis in 1848

Wilson Onuigbo

Medical Image

Thunderclap Headache


Selected excerpts from Methuselah


Regarding ‘Prostate cancer screening—finding the middle road forward’ editorial

Ann Richardson

Regarding ‘Prostate cancer screening—finding the middle road forward’ editorial

Cheryl Brunton

Regarding ‘Prostate cancer screening—finding the middle road forward’ editorial

Paul Corwin

What is the middle position on screening?

Charlotte Paul

Spending decisions for tobacco-related disease treatment and tobacco control: an example and a solution

George Thomson, Nick Wilson

Food pricing favours saturated fat consumption: supermarket data

Nick Wilson, Osman Mansoor


Failure to adequately investigate


Computerworld Excellence Awards 2005 (Excellence in the Use of IT in Health): entries invited

The Hawke’s Bay Medical Research Foundation: funding applications invited

Book Reviews

World Atlas of Epidemic Diseases (Andrew Cliff, Peter Haggett, Matthew Smallman-Raynor)

Alan Pithie

Move More Eat Less: Putting the squeeze on lifestyle disease (Elaine Rush)

Brennan Edwardes

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