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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 12-August-2005, Vol 118 No 1220

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This Issue in the Journal

A summary of the original articles featured in this issue

PDF of the full contents of this issue of the NZMJ


Chlamydia—the problem that just won’t go away

Edward Coughlan, Sue Bagshaw

Marketing communications and obesity: a view from the dark side

Janet Hoek

Original Articles

Prevalence and risk factors for Chlamydia trachomatis infection in female New Zealand university students

Michael Baker, Jose Ortega-Benito, Nick Garret, Collette Bromhead, Kathryn Leslie, Jane MacDonald, Anne McNicholas

Low birth weight and cardiovascular risk factors in Auckland adolescents: a retrospective cohort study

Barbara Daly, Robert Scragg, David Schaaf, Patricia Metcalf

Coeliac disease diagnosed at Starship Children’s Hospital: 1999–2002

Elisabeth Westerbeek, Stephen Mouat, Alison Wesley, Simon Chin

Sore throat management in New Zealand general practice

Marjan Kljakovic, Peter Crampton

Special Article

Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS in Vanuatu: a cause for concern and action

Dominik Zenner, Steven Russell

Case Reports

McArdle’s disease (myophosphorylase deficiency) presenting as acute renal failure

Navdeep Sidhu, Thomas Thompson

Recovery from pancytopaenia and liver dysfunction after administration of propylthiouracil for Graves' disease

Levent Kebapçılar, Sena Yeşil, Fırat Bayraktar, Ali Saklamaz, Tevfik Demir, Özkan Güngör, İnci Alacacıoğlu, Abdurrahman Çömlekçi


The right to remain in ignorance about genetic information—can such a right be defended in the name of autonomy?

Phillipa Malpas

Special Series

PHARMAC and Ventolin in New Zealand

John Gillies, Jeff Brown, Cass Byrnes, Alan Farrell, David Graham

100 Years Ago in the NZMJ

Human instincts, normal and pathological: the sexual instinct


Selected excerpts from Methuselah


PHARMAC responds to Stewart Mann on dihydropyridine calcium channel antagonists

Andrew Davies, Scott Metcalfe, Peter Moodie, Wayne McNee

Richard Milne responds to PHARMAC on discounting future health benefits and costs

Richard Milne

Findings and methodological lessons from a small case-control study into campylobacteriosis in Wellington

Michael Baker, Nick Wilson, Mary McIntyre, Margot McLean


Calling obituary writers

Roy Holmes

Book Reviews

Guide to Arthrocentesis and Soft Tissue Injection (Bruce Carl Anderson)

Min Loke Wong

The Doctor in Literature: satisfaction or resentment? (Solomon Posen)

John Morton

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