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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 04-August-2006, Vol 119 No 1239

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This Issue in the Journal

A summary of the original articles featured in this issue

PDF of the full contents of this issue of the NZMJ


Leadership in medicine

Ron Paterson

Original Articles

Learning from mistakes in New Zealand hospitals: what else do we need besides “no-fault”?

Farzad Soleimani

The influence of PHARMAC’s National Hospital Pharmaceutical Strategy on Quality Use of Medicines activities in New Zealand hospitals

June Tordoff, Pauline Norris, Julia Kennedy, David Reith

Comprehension of discharge information for minor head injury: a randomised controlled trial in New Zealand

Kim Yates, Andres Pena

After hours healthcare for older patients in New Zealand—barriers to accessing care

Anne Eastwood, Chrystal Jaye

Investigating the accuracy of ethnicity data in New Zealand hospital records: still room for improvement

Judith Swan, Steven Lillis, David Simmons

Cholecystectomy following acute presentation to a major New Zealand metropolitan hospital: change to the timing of surgery is needed

Anthony Lin, Peter Stiven, Philip Bagshaw, Saxon Connor

Case Report

Deadly meatballs—a near fatal case of methaemoglobinaemia

Ali Khan, Adrienne Adams, Greg Simmons, Timothy Sutton


Public and institutional responses to the ‘missed’ diagnosis in New Zealand

Hamish Wilson

Special Series

Quality improvement in New Zealand healthcare. Part 3: achieving effective care through clinical audit

Mary Seddon, John Buchanan, on behalf of EPIQ

100 Years Ago in the NZMJ

Cancer of the stomach

Medical Image

Blistering rash in a neonate—not always herpes

Rajiv Sinha, John Criddle, Elisabeth Wain, Aman Bhandari


Selected excerpts from Methuselah


Managing treatment injury—and response

Laurence Malcolm, Mary Seddon, Alan Merry

Death caused by choking on a peanut

Virendra Kumar, Ding Ai Lee

Insulin resistance and nitric oxide and associated renal injury: innocent bystanders or accessories to the crime?

Mohamed Ahmed

PHARMAC seeks clinical feedback on its cost-utility analysis methodology

Rachel Grocott , Peter Moodie

More from PHARMAC on clopidogrel: feedback needed

Stephen Woodruffe, Steffan Crausaz


Charles Maxwell Collins

Lindsay (Jiggs) William Poole

Book Reviews

The Elegant Universe of Albert Einstein (Barnes T, Callaghan P, Campbell H, et al)

Barry Colls

Emergency Ultrasound Made Easy (Justin Bowra, Russell E McLaughlin)

Tim Buckenham

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