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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 15-June-2007, Vol 120 No 1256

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This Issue in the Journal

A summary of the original articles featured in this issue

PDF of the full contents of this issue of the NZMJ


World No Tobacco Day (31 May 2007)—did anybody notice?

Lutz Beckert, Roland Meyer

Clinical trial registration: looking back and moving ahead

Christine Laine, Richard Horton, Catherine DeAngelis, Jeffrey Drazen, Frank Frizelle, Fiona Godlee, Charlotte Haug, Paul Hébert, Sheldon Kotzin, Ana Marusic, Peush Sahni, Torben Schroeder, Harold Sox, Martin Van Der Weyden, Freek Verheugt, International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)

Original Articles

Changes in characteristics of New Zealand Quitline callers between 2001 and 2005

Judy Li, Michele Grigg

Pacific Islands Families Study: maternal factors associated with cigarette smoking amongst a cohort of Pacific mothers with infants

Stephanie Erick-Peleti, Janis Paterson, Maynard Williams

Influenza surveillance in New Zealand in 2005

Q Sue Huang, Liza Lopez, Bruce Adlam

Was rurality protective in the 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand?

Kirsten McSweeny, Atalie Colman, Nick Fancourt, Melinda Parnell, Sara Stantiall, Geoffrey Rice, Michael Baker, Nick Wilson

Incidence of nontuberculous mycobacterial disease in New Zealand, 2004

Joshua Freeman, Arthur Morris, Timothy Blackmore, David Hammer, Sean Munroe, Leo McKnight

Can primary care patients be identified within an emergency department workload?

C Raina Elley, Pieta-Jo Randall, David Bratt, Peter Freeman

Exposure to primary medical care in New Zealand: number and duration of general practitioner visits

Peter Crampton, Santosh Jatrana, Roy Lay-Yee, Peter Davis

Special Article

PHARMAC funding of 9-week concurrent trastuzumab (Herceptin) for HER2-positive early breast cancer

Scott Metcalfe, Jackie Evans, Ginny Priest

Case Reports

Necrotizing gingivitis: a possible oral manifestation of ticlopidine-induced agranulocytosis

Rama Krsna Rajandram, Roszalina Ramli, Fadzlina Karim, Roslan Abdul Rahman, Leong Chooi Fun

Antiphospholipid syndrome presenting as adrenal haemorrhage

Robert Starke, Patricia Amoako, Larry Cytryn, Sameer Mahesh


Snuffing out cigarette sales and the smoking deaths epidemic

Murray Laugesen

100 Years Ago in the NZMJ

A case of vaginal malformation

Medical Image

Midaortic dysplastic syndrome

Mustafa Secil, Abdulkerim Serim, Aytac Gulcu, Suleyman Men


Selected excerpts from Methuselah


A rural doctor’s perspective on the pre-hospital phase of acute myocardial infarction

Katharina Blattner

Persisting loopholes in New Zealand’s smokefree law on tobacco marketing

George Thomson, Nick Wilson

ASH NZ outraged by NZ branded cigarettes

Ben Youdan

Would somebody please have a normal vaginal delivery?

Misty Curry


Arthur Leslie Batt

Book Review

New perspectives in public health (2nd edition; Siân Griffiths, David J Hunter)

Phil Hider

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