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The New Zealand Medical Journal

 Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 11-June-2010, Vol 123 No 1316

Notice to Correspondents
Published in 1910 NZMJ
All communications must be written on one side of the paper, and addressed to DR WALTER FELL, Wellington.
OWING to the difficulty in reading some of the manuscript sent in, the Editor would be glad if correspondents would kindly have their M.S. typewritten.
CORRESPONDENTS sending photographs in illustration of their articles are requested not to mark the photographs in any way, as it interferes with their production. Figures or letters will be placed by their printer if a key to their situation be sent.
ALL correspondence in reference to the management of the Journal, advertisements. &c., should be sent to Mr H. M. Gore, addressed, Secretary, General Post Office, Box 156.
THE Chief Health Officer desires to draw attention to the careless way in which some medical practitioners forward sputum for microscopical examination to the Laboratory, Public Health Department, and suggests that such material should be sent in strong glass-stoppered bottles. This would obviate any danger of contamination, and do away with the risk incurred by the Bacteriologist’s assistant when opening pill-boxes, ointment-tins, &c. containing tubercular and other dangerous matter.
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