Open access

For the first six months after publishing in the NZMJ, editorials, articles, viewpoints, letters etc are only available to NZMA members and subscribers.

Material may, however, be made open access upon payment of $1000, once accepted for publication.

With open access, on the publishing day, he specific editorial, article etc will immediately be available to all readers online and in the pdf of the Journal.

Note - all material must go through the standard review process and be accepted for publication before becoming eligible for open access. To request open access, please contact the communications manager (, once accepted for publication.

Preferred layout for NZMJ original articles

Please read the detailed Instructions to Authors.

The paper: Please organise your paper as follows:

Title: The title should be without abbreviations. Author names (first name and surname) with no degrees. Corresponding author details with postal and email addresses plus phone and fax numbers.

Abstract: This should not exceed 200 words and should describe the core of the paper's message, including essential numerical data. Use four headings: Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions.

Body of the paper: There should be a brief introduction (no heading) followed by sections for Methods, Results, Discussion. Generally our guidelines are for 3000 words maximum though if there is a good reason for more, we accept that (mention in your cover letter).

Competing interests/Conflicts of interest: At the end of the article briefly list Competing interests, if any. Otherwise write "Nil". If the paper is accepted for publication, conflict of interest forms must be completed by each author. Please refer to for more information.

References: In the text, use superscript numbers for each reference (with no linking to the reference list or footnotes whatsoever – these features cause problems when webpages are created). Guidelines are for 30 references maximum though if there is a good reason for more we accept that (mention in your cover letter).

For example:
...International research has demonstrated lower referral to cardiac rehabilitation programmes for women,14,22-24 with women being 20% less likely to be referred.22 This audit demonstrated...

Titles of journals are abbreviated according to the style used by Index Medicus for articles in journals. Include all authors where there are four or less; for five or more authors include only the first three authors followed by "et al". Personal communications and unpublished data should also be cited as such in the text (with the year of the communication).
For example:
1. Rothwell PM, Eliasziw M, Gutnikov SA, et al. Endarterectomy for symptomatic carotid stenosis in relation to clinical subgroups and timing of surgery. Lancet. 2004;363:915-24.
2. Hsia DC, Krushat WM, Moscoe LM. Epidemiology of carotid endarterectomies among Medicare beneficiaries. J Vasc Surg. 1992;16:201-8.
3. Marks P. Hypertension. In: Baker J, editor. Cardiovascular disease. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 1998, p567-95.

Important note: Please check the accuracy and completeness of references in (Then use Edit/Paste Special/Unformatted text to transfer references to your MS Word document).

Please only paste text and hyperlinks from PubMed/other websites etc using 'unformatted text' or they may not appear properly on our website.

Tables and figures: These should be inserted into the text at the appropriate positions (where they are first mentioned). Insert the total number of tables and figures (including if zero) on the title page of your manuscript. Do not use the tab key to separate columns – data must be contained within visible borders. Do not insert tables, figures or graphs as images.

Images: Please insert images at the appropriate place in the manuscript and also attach high-resolution versions as jpg, tiff, png or eps files.

Referees: In your cover letter (as part of the Manuscript Manager online submission) you may write the names of any referees you would like us to exclude or include for whatever reason.