This index of obituaries in the New Zealand Medical Journal was originally compiled by retired anaesthetist Basil Hutchinson. Obituaries dating from 12 November 1999 onward are in the online NZMJ and are accessible by looking at the archived issues or by searching with the name.

To obtain obituaries dating from before this, please contact NZMA National Office (email, phone 04 472 4741, or write to NZMA National Office, PO Box 156, Wellington, with your request. There is no charge for one-off requests. This index is updated annually.

Index of Obituaries (1887-2017) (PDF)

If you would like to provide an obituary for publication in the New Zealand Medical Journal, please refer to the information for authors. Normally these will be drafted by a colleague and/or close friend or family member. Self-written obituaries, written in the first person, will be accepted. Each obituary will be considered by a member of the Editorial Board and may be edited.